Official Airdrop

Seed Contributions – February 1, 2019 – February 28, 2019

In this stage the project is in its early phases, refining the ideas, developing the team and preparing the black paper, website and strategic business plans. Our seed phase is not very public and the team aims to raise the initial funding from their own networks. The best opportunity to get the maximum bonuses is in this stage.  The token is priced a ¢10 per token and 1 ETH contribution will give the contributor 1200 HIPHOP tokens.‍ This phase is for friends and family.  This stage of any token or coin is relatively high risk, but when contributors win, they win big. We guarantee 600 HIPHOP tokens, which we equate to approximately $60 USD will be awarded to supporters who participate in this airdrop.

Airdrop supporters must take part in the following tasks:


It should be noted: Airdrop Private Token Value: 1200 = 1 ETH or 10¢ per HIPHOP.  A total of 15,000,000 HIPHOP will be given to supporters. The airdrop will end once all HIPHOP has been delivered to their new owners. Tokens will be delivered to supporters at the end of the Crowdsale, check for the Crowdsale Schedule.  To support the project and get the most tokens for your contribution, visit and click the Buy HIPHOP Token button. 

*Telegram Members should remain such until the tokens are given away.
* Twitter Followers should remain such until the tokens are given away.
*Youtube Subscribers should remain such until the tokens are given away. (optional)

HIPHOP Token and The 4hiphop Team reserves the right to disqualify participants and reject inappropriate comments.